10 items to take back to the yacht…

In around six weeks’ time we will be back on our yacht Fandancer, in Greece, and planning this summer’s sailing trip.

I’m already thinking ahead about what items I will take back to the boat.   I don’t mean things like clothes and shoes, as I will be leaving all my winter wardrobe behind.   I’m looking forward to wearing no socks or shoes, no thick sweaters, no jeans, no coat.    We mostly live in shorts and tee shirts, and flip flops.  Or swimming costumes.   I quite like just wrapping myself in a sarong.

  1.   I’m thinking about those small items that are mostly unavailable in Greece.  Products I might use in the galley which remind me of UK.               For example, tea bags.   Yes, I’m British, I have to drink a lot of tea and it’s very hard to find the brand I like in Greece.

Nothing better than a cup of tea….

2.   Also, things such as particular spices I like to use in my cooking.  It’s much easier    to take them with me, then spend hours scouring Greek mini-markets for something they probably won’t have.

3.   I’ve never seen lazy garlic in a jar, outside the UK.  Yes, I could go to a Greek greengrocers and buy fresh garlic and chop it up myself, but remember we are often out of reach of any shops for several days, and it’s nice to have something handy in the larder locker.


Fresh garlic, but lazy garlic in a jar is just as good….

4.   Favourite toiletries.  They usually have a good range in Greece but it tends to be expensive.  Much easier to pop a new bottle of my favourite Oil of Olay face cream in my luggage.

5.   I’ll treat myself to a bottle of my favourite perfume and take it to Greece with me.  Also, maybe a new lipstick.   It’s too hot to wear make-up in the summer, it just slides off your face, so a squirt of perfume and some lipstick is my whole make-up regime when I go out in the evening!


I’ll treat myself to some perfume….

6.   Some new underwear.    I’ve never seen anything I want to buy in Greece, I’ll treat myself to some nice things from good old M&S (quality UK clothes store).   I might also splash out on a new swimsuit…..

7.  A small sketch book and some new pencils.   Sometimes I have the urge to sit on deck and draw what I can see.  Maybe a donkey, or part of an old building, and I love sketching peoples’ faces in a taverna, without them knowing.

8.   A few new glossy magazines.   Very expensive, and usually a month old when you find them in Greece.   I’ll keep flicking through them over several months, usually when we are miles out at sea, far away from civilisation….


I love a glossy magazine…..

9.  Finally, my most treasured possessions, small framed photos of my children and grandchildren.  I miss them so much when I’m on the yacht…..

10.   Ooh – Marmite!  I nearly forgot the Marmite!  Probably another British thing.  Almost impossible to find in Greece…..


Items to go in my luggage…..

Additional photos from pixabay.com.   Royalty free, no accreditation required.



15 thoughts on “10 items to take back to the yacht…

    • I love all those things too! Can’t take too much bag due to weight restrictions for plane luggage. Sometimes you see Heinz baked beans in a Greek shop, but very expensive! Yes, the Greek cheese isnt the same. The other thing I never find in Greece is marmalade…..

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    • I’ve been to M&S in Corfu, And Piraeus. It’s a franchise, and not as nice as UK. And very expensive! I shall buy some vegemite to compare with my beloved Marmite …..


  1. Oh what an education one can get on food! What IS marmite, vegemite and Angel Delight? 😎 I’ve never heard of them or a Branson pickle! I laughed and laughed when I saw that Marigold Hotel movie and the lady in the wheelchair taking her favorite foods with her to India!

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    • I have written a post for you about Marmite, scheduled for Wednesday. There is a link on the post to other British foods like Branston pickle. Angel Delight is something you might eat as a child, basically a powder you whisk with milk to make a thick, flavoured dessert, my favourite is butterscotch. You can’t get any convenience foods like this in Greece!


  2. I am with you with the tea. In Switzerland we get a good variety, and you can always buy Twinings which is my favourite. I have never heard of lazy garlic, although I suppose it is the garlic you can buy already peeled. I have no problem with fresh garlic, I am a garlic person. You can keep your marmite, I do not like it and have never missed it. What I do miss is Lemon curd and the real basic HP Sauce. We had Lemon Curd once in the supermarket, but they stopped selling it as I was probably the only one buying it. We get HP Sauce, but not the basic one, the ones with the smoke flavours etc.

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