10 reasons to like Marmite….

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I would definitely be taking a pot of Marmite back to the boat when we return to Greece in six weeks.  It’s very rare to find Marmite in Greek shops, and when you do, it is very expensive.   Obviously it is not sold everywhere in the world, as many fellow bloggers have asked me what Marmite actually is, and what it tastes like.


In brief, Marmite is a savoury spread, quite salty, and is perfect on warm, buttered toast.  It is equally good in sandwiches, by itself, or goes very well with cheese. It is sometimes compared to the inferior Australian product known as Vegemite.


Did you know that jars of Marmite are one of the most confiscated things at airports?  Never fear, they are intoducing a tiny 70ml jar this summer, so travellers can gave their fix even they go abroad.  On their website, the Marmite company tells us –

Marmite has welcomed a new member to the family this summer, in the form of a handy-sized 70g jar. The new jar will be available in select stores this July, and will be priced at a mere £1.00.

The creation of the hand baggage-friendly jar follows the news that Marmite was the no.1 confiscated branded food item at London City Airport. With the 70g now available, Marmite fans will no longer have to worry about getting into any sticky situations at airport security, and can travel freely with the savoury spread.

It won’t only be holiday-goers who benefit as the new 70g jar is small enough to carry in a lunchbox, food hamper and even a handbag so that Marmite lovers will never have to go without their fix.


Here are some comments from people when asked to describe Marmite –

Bitter and gloopy, like Worcester sauce that’s been pounded by a herd of rhinoceri then sent to the darkest realms off the solar system and brought back to experiment on, only it killed the scientists with its foul taste and aroma and is now running amok somewhere hiring people to join its legion with its sticky ways and clever advertising campaigns.  I must say though a tiny bit, and the TINIEST bit I mean, smeared under cheese and toast is lovely, and if you ever come across marmite flavoured cheese, MMMMMMMMM.

– the same as trying to describe an Elephant to a blind person.

Lush. I have it on my toast every day …

Salty thick gravy. I love it though. I work for a German company and some of the Germans were staying in a hotel in the UK and thought marmite was something sweet like Nutella until they spread it on the bread and nearly threw up. I always threaten to give them marmite sandwiches now 🙂

This is a good website referring to Marmite and other British foods which have an acquired taste, such as HP sauce and Branston pickle.

This website describes an actual office taste test on Marmite.

Marmite is a very British phenomenon, which divides us into lovers or haters!







17 thoughts on “10 reasons to like Marmite….

  1. Marmite is like Vegemites slightly deformed cousin that his parents didn’t let play outside because he might get hurt. So from the safety of peering through his half closed shutters Marmite constantly watches Vegemite while he plays with the big kids, smokes cigarettes behind the cricket nets and loses his virginity to Sally May from down the street. While they come from the same bloodline, their personalities and tastes end up world’s apart, Vegemite being strong but slightly rough around the edges while Marmite ends up pale, constantly apologetic and limp wristed..

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  2. I just saw the picture of a Marmite flavoured chocolate egg. Yuck, that does sound disgusting. I love Marmite though and never travel from the UK without some jars. It was available in Kathmandu and we can even buy it here in Lisbon now.

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  3. Great news about the cabin-baggage-friendly Marmite pot! I’ll stock up next time I’m in the UK. In my experience, Marmite is immensely useful. It a) tells the world who is English and who isn’t (well, that matters, doesn’t it?!) according to whether they like the taste or not; and b) it tells me, when I’m ill, that I’m getting better when I have an actual physical craving for the stuff and know at once that my body is telling me: “I need salt!”


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