Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – blue and white

Blue and White!    Fabulous!    The ideal photo challenge for me!

Blue and White is the colour of the Greek flag.   Our yacht Fandancer is in Greece at the moment, and blue and white are also nautical colours that remind me of boats and the sea.


Greek church, Kithnos.

Here’s a typical Greek scene.   I found this little Greek church on the island on Kithnos, in the Aegean Sea.


Greek table and chair by the sea

The light in Greece is always wonderful and makes taking photos very easy.  We have been to so many picturesque places, and I love finding tables and chairs by the water’s edge.   Even better if they are blue and white!


Blue and white taverna chairs.

Here’s a fun photo – a pile of blue and white taverna chairs!  Just waiting for some diners.


The famous pelican of Mykonos

Here’s another fun photo – in Mykonos there are a couple of tame Pelicans who wander round the streets.   I happened to meet him on the town beach, posing for photos on an upturned boat.

And finally, in my collection of blue and white photos, I couldn’t resist showing you this photo of our cat, Artemis, who lives on our boat with us.   She is a proper Greek cat, we rescued her when she was a kitten.   She is supporting Greece in the next Olympics and has her flag ready….


Artemis and the Greek flag.

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