Ups and downs of my writing career….

While waiting for two magazine articles to be published, which I submitted and had accepted several months ago, I decided to spread my wings and enter some writing competitions.  Fish publishing is an independent publishing company based in the West of Ireland. It was started in 1994 with the ambition to encourage and promote new writers.

On their website they advertise many different writing competitions, so I took the plunge and sent something in for the ‘short memoir’ competition, and I also entered the flash fiction which had to be no more than 100 words.   This week the winners were announced, and I was gutted to learn that I didn’t win.   I didn’t even reach the long list, never mind the shortlist!

I also submitted two humorous stories for a competition I found at Writers Online.  One of them I adapted from a blog post I wrote some weeks back, about going to the supermarket with my grandson,   which you can read here. I thought it was hilarious, but clearly not the opinion held by the judges, as neither of my entries won a prize.

Finally, a good friend of mine told me about a travel writing competition run by Ionian Island Holidays.  Just up my street!   I have sailed extensively in the Ionian and been to all the islands, and had lots of tales to tell.   I was really confident of a prize in this one.

But no, my entry must have got lost in cyberspace as I didn’t win a thing. Oh well, back to the drawing board….

This week I picked up a copy of Writing Magazine, which I occasionally buy.  On turning to the Letters page, I was stunned to find I had won a prize for writing the Star Letter!    So – it wasn’t quite as prestigious as a writing competition, but it made me very happy!    My letter was commenting on a previous article in the magazine about the importance of sending in good photographs when submitting articles for magazines.









5 thoughts on “Ups and downs of my writing career….

  1. Well look at that. Congrats!
    It takes a lot of courage to submit to competitions, especially due to possible rejection being the outcome. I admire that you still submitted to many competitions. Keep up the greatness.

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