Colour your World – turquoise blue.

Colour your World


I think this is one of my very favourite colours.  It’s fresh and bright and makes you feel happy!   It reminds me of the sea, in Greece.   The water in some places is actually this colour – well, almost….


…. and these shop doors on the island of Skyros are turquoise blue too!


Shop doors in the Chora, Skyros.


Emerald Bay, anti-Paxos

We anchored our yacht Fandancer here, Just out of the picture, although it was very busy with tourist boats.  You just have to come and see the amazing water.  It is so clear, you can easily see the bottom at ten foot deep.   We took the dinghy ashore then walked up about 100 steps to the taverna at the top of the cliff, called the Panorama.  I took the photo from the top.


Lakka bay, Paxos

A short hope along from anti-Paxos, is the slightly bigger island of Paxos.   Paxos is one of our very favourite islands.   There are only three small towns on the island, six taxis, and a bus which goes round them all, once a day.  Lakka is very popular with sailors.   The turquoise water is crystal clear, and it is such a pretty place, it takes your breath away.


4 thoughts on “Colour your World – turquoise blue.

    • Great Sailblog post, thanks for sharing. I have hundreds of lovely Lakka photos, been there lots of times. We used to anchor in the same place as you, as it was my husbands favourite place, but then I convinced him to try to get in on the south quay as I prefer to step ashore and not use the dinghy. Last time we were there, we went along to the cafe near the old school and Artemis our cat walked with us like a dog, she lay under our taverna chairs then walked back with us to the boat afterwards!

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