Eat like the Greeks ….

A few weeks ago I told you that I had written a guest post on a holiday website that arranges sailing holidays worldwide.  You can read my earlier blog post here.


I have a new blog post published on their site this week.   If you go sailing in Greece, or even visit Greece and have nothing to do with boats, you will probably find yourself eating in a taverna.   I’ve come across some wonderful tavernas while travelling in Greece, not just for their glorious food, but also for their wonderful locations, many overlooking the sea, or even situated right on the beach.

If you have a look at my new post on the Zizoo website I have described what it is like to eat in a Greek taverna, and some of the food you can expect to see on the menu.


Sometimes they may not even have a menu!    In some tavernas they will invite you into the kitchen to show you what dishes have been cooked that day, and you will point at what you fancy.

The other day I was in London and went to a restaurant for lunch which called itself “The Real Greek” ….. it was ok, but not like the genuine article!




4 thoughts on “Eat like the Greeks ….

  1. Yes, most places serve moussaka. Traditionally, it’s aubergines layered with minced lamb in tomato sauce, with bechemel sauce. It’s delicious.


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