Day out in London….

This week my daughter Alice and I had a day out in London, thanks to a special offer train ticket if we travelled off-peak.   It takes about 75 minutes to get there, and we arrived at around 11am.  I know London fairly well – many many years ago when I was 18, it was my dream to live and work in London.  So I found myself a secretarial job, and shared a flat with three strangers for two years.   Since then, I have always enjoyed going back to London, usually for shopping, to see a theatre show, or just sightseeing.


The London Eye, situated on the south bank of the Thames.

Alice and I caught the water-bus from The London Eye to Greenwich.


The introduction of these water buses has transformed travel in London.

A river trip is a great way to see lots of London landmarks.  We passed close to the houses of Parliament and Big Ben, we saw St Paul’s cathedral, the Shard, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf, HMS Belfast, The Globe Theatre.


The clock tower commonly referred to as Big Ben, close to the Noises of Parliament.


Our river bus passed under about six bridges on our trip, including London Bridge, and Tower Bridge.


The Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare’s plays are performed.  The theatre is a reconstruction of the original one from the 16th century.


HMS Belfast, a disused warship, now a tourist attraction.  The ‘Shard’ skyscraper behind, the tallest building in London with great views from the top.


The tall buildings of Canary Wharf, the financial district.

I’ll tell you what we did when we got off the water bus, in my next blog!


7 thoughts on “Day out in London….

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  2. I am a Londoner deep down, but not the modern rebuilt London, the original houses, piled up next to each other, and none of the new skyscrapers. I rememer travelling to Oxford Street on the No. 8 bus from Bethnal Green along a road lined with the ruins from the last war. Now this has all been rebuilt. The first area to have its facelife was around the Bank of England I believer. Sometimes I wish the old days were back, but that is the nostalgia of a golden oldie. The London of today is no longer so interesting for me, the little streets nooks and crannies that I knew, especially in the city, are now gone forever.

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