Photos of Greek signs…..


In in less than six weeks we will be back on our yacht in Greece.  I’ve just been looking through thousands of my photos to try and get myself in the mood, and to remind myself what I’ve been missing.   Greece is such a photogenic place!   I’ve got photos of Greek doors, taverna chairs and tables, Greek fishing boats, sunsets, old people, even some great photos of Greek junk – abandoned furniture, boxes, wheels, cars and bikes.

I’ve also got lots of photos of Greek signs which I’d thought I’d share with you.  Some I took because they were pretty, or funny, or unusual.  I can’t remember where I took every single one, but I’ll try to say something about each one.


Greek shop sign

I tried to find out what the name of the shop meant – “The ……” but I failed.  Does anyone know?


Ouzo is a Greek traditional drink which is always served with a snack



I think this was outside a shop in Gaios, Paxos.  Quite a touristy area.



This menu has a French theme, plus octopus!



Room to let, Hydra

I found this old yellow sign while I was walking on the outskirts of Hydra, one of the most beautiful towns in the Saronic Gulf.  The rooms to let would have had the most amazing view, and mentions a veranda on the sign.


Apartment in Paxos

Another hand-written sign, in one of the backstreets of Lakka, on Paxos.


‘The Georgia Taverna’

Another beautiful hand-painted sign for a taverna on Hydra.


Mongonissi is one of my favourite places on Paxos.

Mongonissi is a haven for sailors, a great little quay for mooring, or you can anchor.  The taverna has a lovely sandy beach just in front of the tables.   There is no charge for mooring.


From the same taverna at Mongonissi.

I don’t like organised Greek dancing, but at this taverna it’s usually quite spontaneous, you never know if they will be performing that night or not.  The owner just wanders out from behind the bar, and the two waitresses stop what they are doing, and the music starts!


This was in Amorgos.

As our surname is ‘Moon’, this became our favourite bar, and a great place to watch the sunset!


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