Crayola: colour your world – vivid tangerine

Some of these Crayola colours are so similar!   The colour for today is vivid tangerine.  It’s very much like sunset orange, but has more pink in it.     I’ve found a few of my photos which I think represent vivid tangerine.


Rhubarb pots at West Dean gardens.

My first photo above is of some beautiful terracotta pots.  Maybe they should be called vivid tangerine pots!  They looked so good, sat there in the sunshine.

For my second photo, I just had to include a sunset.   The sky looks like vivid tangerine to me – what do you think?


This sunset photo was taken on the Greek island of Amorgos.

The next photo of the rooftops was also taken in Greece.  This was on the island of Hydra, where there are no cars.


Vivid tangerine rooftops on the island of Hydra, Greece.

Next, we are flying to the south of France, and to the town of St Remy where the artist Van Gogh stayed.  I found this vivid tangerine shop front…..


Tangerine shop front in St Remy.

Finally, back to Greece.  Some vivid tangerine bins outside a hardware shop.


Vivid tangerine again!


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