Thursday doors…April 21st.

It’s that time of the week again!    Time for Norm’s Thursday Doors.

its great to see all the doors that bloggers can find – some are large and opulent, others are tiny and ramshackle.   Some are shiny and modern, some are ancient.   A lot of doors are related to religious buildings, which seem particularly grand.   My door this week is neither shiny or grand…..


I took this photo in Greece, last year, while we were exploring Corfu town. Although it looks like a ramshackle wooden door, there is quite a lot of detail to notice.  Firstly, the date on the keystone above the door says 1913.  I tried doing some research about what happened in Corfu in 1913, but the only think I could find was that the prefecture of Corfu produced the most olive oil in the whole of Greece in that year.

On the top of the door, under the three lines of blue paint, it previously said ‘for sale’ with a telephone number.   I wonder if someone bought the property, or if it never sold?

Above the door, and to the side, is a very Greek looking wire, which could be electricity, or maybe for a phone.  So clearly the property has all mod cons!  Be.lw the bottom step, looks like a half filled sandbag.   I wonder if they have had flood damage here, which would explain the rotten planks at the bottom of the door?   Corfu has a very high amount of rainfall in the winter months, even higher than some parts of the UK, so  if this door was at street level, it would be likely to flood in the winter.

I hope you like my Thursday door!  Why not have a look at some more Thursday doors?




23 thoughts on “Thursday doors…April 21st.

  1. Great photo. The bottom is most likely rot from flood damage – or from very a large rat! An old cottage we bought had the same damage only not so big a hole. We thought it was rot at first, until we walked through the door and saw the rat droppings inside. It’s amazing the difference a vowel can make. Changing the O to an A in rot can have me running screaming my head off. 😮

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