11 Friday facts for you….

Back in February I was nominated for a blogging award but I didn’t follow up the random questions I was asked.   So I thought I’d share the answers with you today.


Artemis prefers drinking water that is not in her own dish…


How would you describe your blogging style?

Chatty, as though I was having a conversation with you. Occasionally humorous, I like to think you could tell what I was like as a person,  by reading my blog.

What do you do in your spare time (when not blogging)?

I really like photography and always have my Nikon compact with me at all times.  Although I don’t know all the technical aspects, I think I have got a good ‘eye’ and notice things from different angles, and see different colours.  I take photos of things that at first glance you might not think would make a good photo.


Rose Island, Bahamas

Also in my spare time I like all types of cooking, and I have recently taken up sewing again, after a long interval. I love my sewing machine, I love buying random pieces of fabric, I like making home made gifts and toys for my grandchildren., I like to make cushions, too.


My recent trio of home made fabric baskets.

In the future where do you hope your blog will take you?

In the future I would like to do more freelance writing for magazines, so I hope someone will read my blog and offer me work!   Also, when we return to our yacht next month, I will write about our sailing adventures.

Launching ceremony

Fandancer relaunched

How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

Difficult question – I would like to stop being Mrs Grumpy and be Mrs Happy instead. I am quite a pessimist and can’t always see the good things in life.  I’m also very quick to criticise people, and things, and I need to bite my tongue a bit more.

Why do you write a blog?

Similar question to the one above – I write a blog as it is s good way to get to meet new people, to find people with similar interests, and to get my writing noticed and hope someone will offer me freelance work.

What is your favourite thing about yourself?

As I’m a pessimist I would say nothing, but I will be positive and say I am brilliant at amusing and looking after my grandchildren, aged 3, 3, 1 and 1. I want them to remember me as the fun grandma.  I am very good at doing lots of things at the same time. I am a very organised person, good at time keeping and meeting deadlines. I am excellent at finding out information, good at Internet research, and I’m also a very good driver.


Who is someone you admire and why?
I don’t know. Anything I say will sound glib. Maybe I admire my friend Sue as she also lives on a boat with her husband, but she gets so much more involved in the boat handling and boat work, she is always positive and cheerful. I wish I was more like her.

What are your favourite blogs to read and why?

I really like Windtravelerhttp://www.windtraveler.net written by an American lady called Britney, she lives on a boat full-time in the Caribbean with her husband and three girls. She has a three year old and twin girls under two. She is always so happy and positive, never seems to get stressed, posts regularly, lovely photos. It can’t be easy for her looking after three small children on a boat!

I also look forward to updates from Funky Mrs Knutts who has a house full of children and provides a hilarious account of her daily life, with lashings of gin.

I’m also very fond of Mrs Swiss and her cat, Tabby.   She tells lovely tales of her daily life, and has a great writing style.

There are lots of other blogs I have come across in my short blogging life – I have especially enjoyed reading blogs from people in other countries, as they have never heard of Marmite, and are unaware of the recent spate of celebrity deaths and that we are hoping David Attenborough is OK  …..

What is the most important thing to you?

Making other people happy.

Who is your favourite fictional character?

Dr Kay Scarpetta –  the feisty forensic investigator in Patricia Cornwell’s series of books. I love a good crime mystery, and an autopsy!

What is a random fact about yourself?

I have been to 16 schools and lived in 44 different houses. My father was in the RAF and we moved around a lot when I was young, and this pattern continued in my later life, too. At the moment I live on a boat, and I describe myself as a floating gypsy….

That’s all, folks!



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