Crayola – wild blue yonder

We’re slowly approaching the end of this fabulous 120 days of Crayola challenge!

Today’s colour is wild blue yonder.

According to the brilliant Wikipedia, wild blue yonder may refer to:

The U.S. Air Force, the official song of the United States Air Force, often referred to as “Wild Blue Yonder”
Wild Blue Yonder, a 1951 film
The Wild Blue Yonder, a 2005 film by Werner Herzog
A 1998 album by Flat Duo Jets
A 1984 single by Screaming Blue Messiahs, from their Gun Shy LP.
A 2006 single by Paul Weller

… and also a Crayola colour.

This seems to be a mauve-blue colour, and reminds me of a summer sky.  Here’s some of my photos to represent wild blue yonder….

view from Kassiopi castle

The distant wild blue yonder misty mountains are Albania.

I like the different shades of blue and grey, in this photo, with the red sail making a contrast.


Winter 2009 – icicles

Not a good photo, taken with an old style phone.  But the sky is very wild blue yonder, I think, maybe too blue?



The sky at Messalonghi

The sky in the photo above is actually quite a mauve colour.   Taken early in the morning.


The sea beneath the windmills at Patmos

And finally, the sea in this photo is very ‘wild blue yonder’.  I took this from the monastery at Patmos, high above the sea.  I zoomed in a lot for this photo, and was pleased with the detail it shows.

What is your favourite Crayola colour?


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