A new food blogger…..

Picnic food.   It needs to be easily transportable, it mustn’t spill or break up.  It must be easy to serve, and easy to eat.   What could be simpler than individual fruit and jelly pots?   Now, for my USA cousins or those of you who don’t understand ‘jelly’ and think I am talking about something you spread on bread or toast,  I am talking about what you strangely call ‘jello’.   I even found a website to explain the difference.




We do not have a product like this in the UK.  Red stuff that comes in jars which you spread on toast is called JAM!  Jelly is wobbly stuff that you eat at parties!

So I decided to make some individual fruit ‘n’ jelly pots for the picnic.  This is what you have to do…. it’s very complicated, so read the instructions carefully……


Firstly, assemble your ingredients. You need a packet of jelly (my preference is red) and a tin of fruit. Mandarin oranges are the best, but I used fruit cocktail, as I am trying to use up things in my store cupboard.   You need a jug in which to melt the jelly cubes, and six individual dishes.   For a picnic, plastic ones are necessary.   I could only find four, so I cleverly improvised and used two empty, clean plastic pots that had previously held sauce or cream.


Ingredients for making fruit in jelly….

You can chop up the jelly cubes with scissors but it is more fun to pull it apart with your fingers.  You might not be able to resist eating a cube or two, apparently it helps your fingernails grow! Put the cubes in the jug and pour in half a pint of boiling water, and stir until dissolved. Top up with half a point of cold water.   Open the can of fruit and drain the syrup.


Jelly dissolved in hot water, and drained fruit.

Next, spoon the fruit evenly into the six plastic pots.  Make sure that the three cherries do not end up all in the same pot.  Same with the four grapes……


Distribute the fruit between the pots.

As you can see, I have used quality Waitrose plastic pots, none of your inferior Asda or Tesco pots….. Now pour the jelly liquid carefully over the fruit.


Pour the jelly over the fruit…

Now the exciting part – you have to leave the jelly to set!  I put my pots on a baking tray and then put the tray in the fridge.  There are no end of things you can do while waiting fir your jelly to set, I’m sure you’ll think if something……

I don’t need my jelly pots until the morning, so I’ll leave them overnight so they can have a lovely evening just chilling by themselves ……


I wish my jellies were this perfect….

I’ll tell you how my picnic went, another time!



14 thoughts on “A new food blogger…..

  1. Reminds me of the good old trifle days. I remember as a kid mum would buy the jelly in a packet, in cubes and she melted it in hot water. Then you left it to set in a bowl. Afterwards two spoonfuls with evaporated milk was your desert, Nothing fussy in the east end of London, but they are the nostalgic memories of growing up.

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  2. I also thought the difference between jelly and jam is seeds, at least here in the US. One has seeds and the other doesn’t.

    On a side note… do university kids do jelly shots like the students here do jello shots? make your jelly with alcohol and get ridiculously drunk.


    • I hadn’t thought of seeds, per se, but was going to say that the different between jam and jelly is that jelly is strained and free of any bits of fruit, while jam is more chunky with fruit (and seeds). Marmalade seems to be jelly with strips of citrus peel added. Does that make it a jam? Deep thoughts this morning.

      Now, Lula, let me tell you it’s not only university kids doing jello shots in Canada. Just the other night, some damned fool brought some to a birthday party I was attending. THIS damned old fool thought it would be great fun to partake. Oh, my head! Ha ha

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  3. wow…jelly comes in cubes..who’da thunk it? We’re used to “jello” that is a nasty powder that the minute you open the package a huge puff explodes out (no matter how careful you are), goes directly to one’s sinuses and causes extreme sneezing….complete with formal ejections of wet nastiness from both nose and mouth and the resultant screams of any poor children (now totally destroyed emotionally and of need of massive psychiatric care for millennia) nearby……and we usually eat jelly (or jam except there are no fruit bits in jelly as there are in jam…actually jam is usually just smooshed fruit bits with a slimy substance between them) with peanut butter on bread…and it is better is the bread is “white’ bread which has zero nutritive value. maybe I should post about this? lol

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  4. I’m told that using pineapple in jelly stops it setting, something to do with enzymes, but no idea if that’s true. We always used to have tinned strawberries in jelly as kids. Mind you, there would usually be less jelly than there really should have been as the cubes tended to get eaten “raw”!

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