Home alone, and I love it….

My husband has left me…..

Don’t worry, it’s not a marital problem! He hasn’t run off with another woman! The husband (TH) has had to go away for four nights. It’s very complicated and involves the The Luckiest Cat in Greece, but don’t worry, the cat is fine, she’s just moving house, I’ll tell you later….


Anyway, is it a bad thing that I breathed a big sigh of relief when TH left early this morning? I’ve got the house to myself for five days and four nights, and I’m going to love it! I love my own company. Maybe I’m selfish. I can do what I like, I can eat what I like and when I like. I don’t need to worry what TH is doing, or if he’s bored when I’m hiding away in my attic doing sewing, or writing. I can watch what I like on TV, I can have my choice of music on as loud as I like. I can go to bed when I like. I can go to the shop by myself without him tagging along!



You might say, why don’t I do all these things when TH is here? Well, firstly I do like to please other people, and make sure they are happy, and if I think TH won’t like my loud rock music, or won’t like my weird choice of sandwich fillings, then I am happy to fit in with TH so he is happy. Also, I don’t like confrontation or arguments, so if TH wants to watch a special programme on TV or come with me to the shops, then I usually give in. But this week, I don’t have to! I can do what I like, for a change, and I am going to make the most of it, and enjoy it!

Do you like it when your partner is away for a short while? Β  What do you do differently when they aren’t there?

8 thoughts on “Home alone, and I love it….

  1. I love it when my husband goes away on business for a few days!! When we first started dating, he traveled a lot, so I have always been used to time alone. Now he doesn’t travel as much, and I look forward to the days when I can sleep in the middle of the bed… πŸ˜€

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  2. I like my alone time too, but I am proud to say that in 23 years of marriage, we have never slept apart even one night. ( Knock on wood, I don’t want to jinx that).


  3. ML and I have always had jobs that enforced some ‘alone’ time. We had a short spell when we were on the same schedule and weren’t too thrilled with it. We love seeing each other but also like having the separate ‘me’ time. Time to watch movies or do tasks the other won’t enjoy. Have fun!


  4. You’re not selfish at all Georgie! I know EXACTLY what you mean!!!
    My husband is off to India with work soon (only for a week) but I will be able to, once the kids are in bed, please myself what I do and what I eat and when I go to bed. Wahoo!!!! Cannot wait πŸ˜‰
    Hes away for my birthday, but I don’t even care about that! Haha!!!
    Hope you make the most of your time.x

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