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I’ve chosen a photo of a window I found in Brighton, UK, along the area of town known as The Arches.  Brighton is a fabulous place to visit, at any time of the year.  There is so much to see and do …..


Brighton, the Arches

The road running along Brighton seafront, known as King’s Road, was much narrower in 1886, when it was widened, than it is today. The road, which was finally surfaced with tarmac in 1910, extended over existing arches on the Lower Esplanade. The Arches ran under the street and were big enough to house large fishing boats.

Nowadays, the arches have been renovated, and turned into trendy galleries, workshops and cafes, and are a popular meeting place for tourists, and local people.


One of the original arches converted into a smoke house

There are some lovely old photos of the arches in days gone by, if you  click on this link  to a page in the local paper.

Here is a link to a website giving lots of historical information, and showing the arches on some old postcards of Brighton.




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