My husband is still missing…

Don’t worry!  I sort of know where he is.  He’s just not at home for five days…..

Yesterday I told you I was enjoying being home alone this week, while TH (the husband) has gone on a cat-related mission…….


Artemis our boat cat, on board Fandancer


The other thing I will enjoy, is not having to put up with TH’s little ways and habits. I try never complain about these things, but just grit my teeth and know that it’s too late to change him. For example, he seems unable to close any door, especially the front door when he’s been outside, he never pushed it fully closed. Same with the back door when he’s taken the rubbish out. He never remembers to lock doors at night, so I always have to check before I go to bed.


Don’t forget your keys!


He never puts the mugs in the right cupboard, if he’s ever forced to unload the dishwasher.  In fact I prefer to do it, so the crockery and cutlery get put in the right place! And don’t get me started on the way he loads the dishwasher….


Mugs on the left, glasses on the right!

I won’t miss that half hour in every day when without fail, TH will lose an important item. Either his car key, his phone, a pen, or usually, his glasses. He wanders about from room to room, muttering, looking in places where his glasses would never be. Why would they be in my make up bag? Or in the vegetable rack? They are never there, but usually found in one of his pockets, or in the car. Everyday without fail, we have to go through this routine.  I’m perfect.  I never lose anything, especially my glasses, which cost a lot of money.


I also won’t miss the fact that he can never remember anything I tell him. This works to my advantage sometimes, but can be very annoying when I have to keep reminding him what day the bins are emptied, how old my daughter is, that the post office shuts at 5.30pm, or what day I look after my grandson. I know it’s not some onset of a deteriorating elderly brain, as he takes pleasure in reminding me that all through his school days, his teachers would complain that he was absent minded and forgetful. You don’t have to live up to this, I tell him! Don’t use that as an excuse! Times and dates mean nothing to TH, but I don’t like him relying on me to keep reminding him, I think he could make more effort if he wanted to!

What sorts of things does your partner usually forget?


7 thoughts on “My husband is still missing…

  1. I always think of the woman who complained bitterly about her husband snoring. Then, one day he was no longer there. She bitterly missed him and the snoring. So lets put up with the lights that are not switched off etc. They do so many other wonderful things that we should appreciate. I actually love having mine around – but then I don’t live on a yacht.

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  2. I think we are so blessed to have plenty of space on our little farm. I have my own studio, study and sewing room since all the children have flown the coop, so one never feels constricted. Just a problem when they occasionally come home to clear all the rooms out! Your life seems so romantic on the boat, but I think after a few weeks, one has seen enough white houses with blue shutters. Enjoy your days off.

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