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The theme this week is Red and Yellow.

Here’s some of my photos that are red and yellow. It was fun looking for them!

The first photo was taken while I was walking round the boatyard in Greece where we keep our yacht Fandancer.   Red and yellow logo on a boat…..


Red and Yellow logo on a yacht

I decided the boat logo wasn’t ‘red’ enough, so I looked for something else……

Now we have jumped to a market in Funchal, Madeira.  Some beautiful red and yellow chillies!


Chillies in Madeira market

Back to another part of the Mediterranean – a fairground in the harbour town of Nea Artaki, on the Greek island of Evia.


Red and yellow at the fairground

And at the same place, a beautiful red and yellow Greek fishing boat!


Greek fishing boat at Nea Artaki

Here are some red and yellow colours at a Greek taverna….


Red and yellow at a taverna

I found some photos of red and yellow dancers……

Besutiful red and yellow costumes of Greek dancers waiting to perform.  Photo taken in the Peloponese.



Greek dancers waiting to perform.

And finally…..


Artemis loves to hide under her red and yellow cushion.

Here’s Artemis or The Luckiest Cat In Greece, as we call her.  She lives on our yacht and makes herself at home everywhere….

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