No science fiction, religion, diets, therapy or politics……

Good Morning from sunny Hampshire UK…….

I don’t have a blog post planned for today, except maybe a Thursday Doors photo later. So I thought I’d just write a ‘Good Mornjng’ post. My husband is still away, back late tomorrow. I had another fantastic uninterrupted night’s sleep, and I’ve woken feeling wonderful. He should go away more often, ha ha!


….don’t worry, its not my husband, I just thought it was a funny photo…

I open the curtains to see that the sun is shining and the sky is clear and blue. I make a cup of English breakfast tea and bring it back to bed. I fire up the Ipad and check what is happening in the world. A have a message from a sailing friend of mine with a husband who has gone back to their boat in Turkey by himself, saying that he has been taken ill. The husband, not my friend. He is in a Turkish hospital with a chest infection but apparently will be released soon. She is wondering whether to fly out. I must keep in touch with her and give her support.

I find an email from the editor of a UK sailing magazine who tells me they are using an article of mine in their latest edition, due out any day now. It is over six pages, plus lots of photos in Sailing Today – June edition, find it in your local newsagent! That makes me feel really good! I’ve had articles published before, but it’s always a thrill. I wrote this long piece about six months ago. The magazine is very slow at getting back to you, before they go to print, they are supposed to send the article to you to proof read and check my photos they have chosen, but they never do this. Still, I’m getting paid for it, so I won’t worry.

Fandancer sailing4

It’s my eldest daughter’s birthday next week, she will be 39, still single. I’m looking for present ideas on Internet. How can I have a daughter who is 39? Surely I’m only in my 40s myself? Hahaha! Anyway, she’s the type of person who doesn’t really like possessions, she doesn’t go out much, few friends, very difficult to buy presents for. I was thinking of a spa day at a hotel. Or a day trip out somewhere, maybe London again, but maybe a bit too soon after the last visit. Perhaps we could visit somewhere like Bath, or Oxford, but train tickets are hideously expensive. I’m looking for discount codes or special offers.

On Facebook I have a look at all the photograph themed pages I belong to – ‘A Colour Every Week’, ‘Photography Laid Bare’ and ‘Windows and Doors’. If I’ve got anything suitable on my iPad I might add some photos later. Also on Facebook I find lots of photos of new babies, pets, and friends in other parts of the world telling us about their weather. I have a Facebook site linked to this blog which just gives notifications of new posts – my personal Facebook page is much more about me…..


Harbour at Hydra.

I turn to my WordPress blog, which you have also found, thank you for looking. Lots of nice comments on recent posts and photos. I decide I need to expand my horizons and look at some different blogs, but I’m not sure what topics I want to read about. What I don’t want is an overload of healthy eating, fashion, make-up, therapy, science fiction, politics or religion. What’s left? I would like to meet some bloggers who like boats, travel, cats, children and grandchildren, sewing and cooking, with a touch of sarcasm, humour, political incorrectness………. I also decide to try and change the look of my blog, and learn more about pages and categories, but I’ll have to leave this until later.

In less than four weeks’ time, we will be back on board our yacht in Greece. My eldest daughter has the day off from work today and she’s offered to take me to see some shops as I am without a car for a few days as husband is away. As I’ve said in previous blogs, I miss the UK shops when I’m sailing in Greece, and I need to top up my retail therapy while I’m still in the UK.

Mustn’t buy too much though, it won’t fit in my luggage…..




6 thoughts on “No science fiction, religion, diets, therapy or politics……

  1. Great post, if you are looking for cat bloggers, I have a huge list of them on my blog if you click under the link blogs I follow at the top of the home page. Those are the only kind of blogs I know about 🙂

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  2. Nothing like a cup of breakfast tea to begin the day, just pure,not shaken. Funny I have never really missed the UK shops living in Switzerland, but when I am in London I realise what I no longer have. Cadbury’s milk flakes lemon curd, mixed spice and custard powder. Otherwise I am happy where I am. What I have never missed is British bread.

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  3. I had to chuckle at your list of blog topics that might interest you, “I would like to meet some bloggers who like boats, travel, cats, children and grandchildren, sewing and cooking, with a touch of sarcasm, humour, political incorrectness……….” I have to say the sarcasm, humour, and political incorrectness are some of the most appealing bits, but some of the hardest to pull off!

    I, too, have many things I want to change with the appearance of my blog, but I keep putting it off for another day. This chatty bit of blogging is much more fun than the technical stuff.

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  4. Well, it’s always fun to see what someone is thinking and what their today is like. I hope you figure out your daughter’s gift. I know I’d rather spend time with my family than receive any material gift, but presents are fun too. Hope you find some bloggers you like to read. One of the fun things about WordPress is all the ways we can find unusual bloggers to follow, don’t you think?

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