Thursday Doors

This Thursday I have chosen doors from a British seaside town called Aldburgh.

Aldburgh is a historic town on the east coast of Suffolk.   You can read more about this beautiful place on one of my previous blog posts.

The first door doesn’t look like it is used, does it?  It’s beautifully decorated with plants, stones, and even fairy lights.  Luckily the actual door is just next to it.


Aldburgh door 1

There were so many fantastic doors in Aldburgh, I wanted to show you some more.


Aldburgh door 2


Aldburgh door 3


Aldburgh 4

I love the way the sunlight reflects on the windows.  And the white picket fence!  I love it!


Another lovely Aldburgh door.

This lovely blue door had stained glass window inserts.


Aldburgh door.

Finally, a very elegant door, it welcomes you with the open gate, and the chairs outside the door.

Why not have a look at Norm’s Thursday Doors and see some more fabulous entrances?


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