May – what’s in store?

Monthly Look Ahead – May 2016

April is over. A third of the year has already gone. By the end of the next third of the year, by end of August, things in my life will have changed significantly for me, due to the fact that we will be well into our season of summer sailing and will have been afloat for several months.

But one step at a time. What have I got to look forward to in the month of May?


Rowlands Castle village

It’s the May bank holiday this weekend. On Monday there is the annual ‘picnic on the green’ in my village. There is a traditional village green just outside out house, and everyone takes chairs and picnic rugs. The village pub has a barbecue, there is a brass band, and maybe Morris dancers.



On the 4th, my husband is flying back to our boat in Greece. He’s going to be doing some general maintenance before Fandancer is relaunched later in the month. I’m not going with him this time, although we usually do go back together. There’s only a limited amount I can do on the boat, and I really don’t like living on the boat in the boatyard while she is out of the water. The mess on board in indescribable, with tools and equipment covering every surface. The fridge won’t be running, the loo and shower will be out of action. Although there are good facilities in the boatyard, climbing up and down a 16 rung ladder to get on and off the boat isn’t much fun. Although there is a tiny shop selling very basic provisions, the boatyard is not near the town, and you have to rely on the yard’s minibus to take you there. So I’m not going back to the boat until the 25th.


What the inside of our boat looks like when my husband is working….

Scraping the bottom

Scraping the hull…nice job!

boat gypsy with a load of old junk

Another nice job!  Old sanitary pipes …….

A few days after my husband leaves for Greece, my eldest daughter celebrates her birthday. She’s in her late 30s. How is it possible I have a daughter that age, surely I can’t be that old! I’ve been trying to think what we could do together on her special day. She is rather a solitary girl, not married, not many friends. We have decided to go to the Isle of Wight by hovercraft, and stay overnight. We know the island quite well, it is separated from Portsmouth by few miles of water. There are wonderful beaches, lots of pretty villages to explore, lots of things to see. After we get back on Saturday afternoon, I have arranged afternoon tea for us, and her sister and nephews will come too.

I’ve only got two more granny sitting days with my grandsons, so I’ll be making the most of those, and doing lots of fun things with the boys.

Near the end of the month, I’ll be meeting up with my three best friends I met at University, all those years ago. We were the only mature students on our Psychology degree course, which we started in 1988. We all had children and husbands, and it was quite difficult to juggle our lives and study at the same time. The young students used to accuse us of rushing off after the lectures and take all the best books out of the academic library, but actually we had to rush away to pick up children from school!

So at the end of the month my time will be taken up with packing, cleaning the house and finding somewhere to store our possessions. We are just renting this furnished cottage, and we don’t have furniture or white goods of our own, but it’s surprising how much other stuff you accumulate.

By May 30 we will have relaunched our yacht and made plans for sailing. The weather will have warmed up in Greece, and I’m looking forward to visiting new places. I’m hoping this blog will become more travel-related once we are on the water, so you can read about all the different locations where we will be sailing.


5 thoughts on “May – what’s in store?

  1. I really like this idea of looking ahead to the coming month. It’s a fun way to get excited about all the wonderful things one has in store for oneself. I’m looking forward to hearing about how it goes with the boat launch and the adventures you take her on this summer.

    Cheers – Ellen

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