My oddball photos…..

Inspired by  Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge, I found some very oddball photos in my recent collection, so thought I’d share them with you today.

Firstly, here’s a museum exhibit, which defies explanation…..


Oddball exhibit in V&A museum



Oddball cat and Greek flag

Secondly, my oddball Greek cat, being patriotic, and hiding under a Greek flag!


Oddball street sculpture


Oddball living statue.  

I find these living statues quite intriguing.   Imagine standing there all day, balancing yourself, while hopefully the public are throwing money at you.


Macro oddball shot of my carpet

Have you got any oddball shots to share?


16 thoughts on “My oddball photos…..

  1. Nice collection of oddities.

    Don’t sympathize too much for the living statues. Saw one in Berlin which confused the heck out of people but researching how they do it shows they use the staff or other item to put into an anchor base plate then they sit comfortably in a hammock-like seat attached to the pipe or staff and cover themselves so you can’t see anything and watch the puzzled faces and wait for tips or donations. The Chinese Olympics opening show had a whole row of female musicians sitting in air while performing with their ehru instruments.

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    • Thanks for the info! I always wish I was around at the beginning of their act when they get ready and have to climb into their position – that would be a much more amusing photo!


  2. Thanks! I always wonder what to do with some of my oddball photos, I hate deleting any, but don’t look at them much, either. Maybe I should print them out, frame them, and start an oddball gallery……


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