Monday Window….Photos from Greece.

Who doesn’t love a Monday Window?

Monday Window Home

I have found a selection of Greek Windows for you today.  Some are beautiful, colourful and well kept.  Others are falling apart.  But they are all beautiful in their own way.   Here’s the first one, which was taken on the island of Kefalonia…..


taverna window, Fiskardo, Kefalonia

WIndow number 2, below, was taken in the town of Astros, in the Peloponese.


Window in Astros


Very old window, Lefkas

In contrast, above is a very photogenic old window I found in Lefkas, and below, a wonderful purple window on the island of Kea.


Window on island of Kea

Finally, this photo was taken in Vassiliki, also on Lefkas.  The windows are above a taverna.  I love the pretty hand painted menu signs on the wall…..


Taverna window

Have you got any Monday windows to show us?


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