19 days to go ……

Less than three weeks today….

Quite a busy day in terms of preparation for our return to the boat. Firstly I considered how we were going to pack up everything, and how to store it. I thought about buying some large plastic boxes, but found that buying new ones would cost more than I thought. So I looked on some local internet sites where unwanted items are given away for free, such as Freecycle and Gumtree.

image It was my lucky day! The first advert on the site had a number of good quality cardboard packing boxes to give away, so we jumped in the car and went to fetch them. Two lovely ladies who had recently moved into a beautiful house were happy to get rid of them. ย They even gave us a huge sack of bubble wrap!

The next problem was finding somewhere to store our belongings. We don’t have masses of stuff, and I admit that most of the things are probably mine, as the husband apparently only needs a small rucksack in which to carry his life possessions, and does not care about cushions, clean bedding, nice clothes or family photographs…… Nevertheless, after being let down by a friend who had promised us the use of her garage, we were now under pressure to find somewhere.

imageWe spend the morning trawling the Internet for local self-storage companies. After speaking to a handful, we decided to go and see for ourselves the units that were on offer. Of course, when you actually get there, the cheap priced unit they tempt you with on the phone is no longer available, or they add on extras to the basic price which pushes the costs up. You have to buy a padlock from them, and take out their insurance for your belongings.



So we now have a storage place for our possessions, and a place to park our car! The lovely guys in the Indian restaurant attached to the village pub are letting us store our old car in the corner of their car park. All that I have to do now, is have a massive sort out in every room, pack things up, and get it to the storage unit – easy peasy!


My husband is catching the last train from the village station tonight, to the airport. He is going out to Greece to work on the boat for two weeks before I get there. His plane leaves at 6am, which means he’ll have a bit of a wait when he arrives at the airport. He bizarrely thought I might want to drive him to the station, but as it is almost a two hour drive away, and would involve me driving home at around 3am in the morning, I politely declined, and bought him a train ticket instead…….



10 thoughts on “19 days to go ……

  1. I have politely suggested to my husband he find alternative rides to/from the airport as well. A few weeks ago he woke me at 4:30 to ask me to drive him… He’d left it too late to call a cab. Of course. I hope you have a lovely time aboard your boat, I can’t wait to read of your adventures!

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