Thursday Doors – doors in Kea, Greece

It’s that time of the week again for Thursday Doors.

I’ve found a selection of doors from the lesser-known Greek island of Kea.  Kea attracts a lot of Athenians due to its closeness by ferry, but it is not a typical tourist destination.  This makes Kea an attractive destination, as it tends to be quieter, and it retains its Greek charm.

The first photo is of a Greek door, taken through a Greek door.  Kea is in the island group called the Cyclades, where the buildings are traditionally white, with blue doors.


Here’s another blue door in Kea….with a rather wonderful terracotta pot!


Here’s another pot, in the photo below, but this time it’s by a green door……


Finally, here’s another blue door, but it looks as though it’s seen better days…….


Have you got any doors to show us next Thursday?


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