Procrastinate – delay, put off, loiter, lag, dawdle….

Jobs for today –

  1. put luggage bags on spare room bed, start assembling non-clothes items to pack.
    Sewing – a) – start making fitted sheets for the boat, adapting the new sheets bought yesterday. Check Pinterest for techniques in measuring sheets and inserting elastic around corners.
  2. Finish making cushions I promised to younger daughter several weeks ago.
  3. Cleaning. Check if enough products in cupboard for some heavy duty oven cleaning. Possibly defrost fridge.
  4. Check cards and presents for elder daughter’s birthday and book afternoon tea.

Oh dear. I’ll just have to give today a miss. Procrastination has reared its ugly head.

Again. I had such good intentions for today. It started so well…… I had to go to a shop to initiate some of the list items, so I drove to a big supermarket. As you may have learnt about me previously, I actually like shopping!


I arrived at the shopping emporium, looking for birthday cards and other food related items, on my list. It was virtually empty at 9am, I had a lovely wander around, and thought how I would miss this vast heaven of gorgeous delights when I return to Greece in just over two weeks’ time. To prevent me feeling too sad at this future lack of retail therapy, I managed to add to my trolley a blue and white stripy tee-shirt, a pair of canvas shoes, the latest copy of ‘Writing’ magazine, some half-price pens, a reduced packet of cakes and a bottle of wine……

On returning home, I did manage to put some washing in the machine, and unload the dishwasher. A shame they weren’t on the list…… Then I got distracted by my new copy of ‘Writing’ magazine. Last month I won the Star Prize on the letters page, but I haven’t received my prize yet. I checked whether this month’s star letter was as good as mine (it wasn’t), then I began to look for writing competitions I might have a chance of winning (99% unlikely), I also looked at adverts for writing retreats, should I ever find myself at a loose end (100% unlikely). Then time for lunch!


Over lunch I checked my emails, and also looked at how many comments had been made to my current blog posts, or whether blogs I am following had posted something new. I thought I should make some brief comments in return, or I would forget later. I saw that the daily prompt challenge was ‘Beach’. Beach! Right up my street! I could post dozens of photos of beaches, I could write an article on my top ten Greek beaches, my mind was whirring in enjoyment, as I made a few notes.


Rose Island, Bahamas

It’s Thursday, so I need to prepare a post for Norm’s Thursday Doors photo challenge. My previous door photos have been well received, and my fans will be waiting for my next one! I spent some time looking at my IPad photos, choosing suitable doors.


I then decide to wrap up the little presents I’ve got for my daughter’s birthday as she might pop round later and I don’t want her to see them unwrapped on the table.

Oh my goodness it’s now 4pm! I had wanted to at least start the fitted sheet sewing task. I’ll just check WordPress again first…..


5 thoughts on “Procrastinate – delay, put off, loiter, lag, dawdle….

  1. This is so me too! I have daily lists that usually consist of pretty much the same as the previous day’s list. Then there’s the list of things to do while I’m home that still has lots on it from the last time I was home. Then there’s Facebook.

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