Headscarf, goggles and a scraper…

Scraping the bottom


Facebook is responsible for a multitude of my sins – procrastination, gossip and reflection.   But occasionally I find Facebook useful for reminders of what we were doing on the same day, in years gone by.


On my Facebook timeline yesterday, I was told that exactly six years ago we were living on Fandancer in the boatyard in Gosport, renovating and restoring her to within an inch of her life.   It would be another 16 months before we were ready to launch her and sail off into the sunset….

To celebrate my sixth anniversary of bottom scraping, here’s some more photos….The first photo was taken on the day we bought her, showing her stern, as it was, with some wobbly davits, and no window.

stern view davits

Stern of Fandancer when we bought her

Here’s Fandancer now – Tim removed the davits, inserted a new opening window, built the swim platform, installed deck shower, new name lettering.


Fandancer after renovation.


The next photo was also taken on the day we bought her.  It shows the galley.  Apart from removing the curtains, and the fridge, not a lot has changed.  We replaced the sink.  The stove was ok.  The large table in the saloon was removed and sold on Ebay.


The galley how it was on the day we bought Fandancer.


Saloon floor while mast step being installed.

In the photo above, her mast has been removed, a new mast step had to be built of steel and fixed into the bilges.  Part of the floor and seating had to be removed. We were also living aboard at the same time, as we didn’t own a house!

Our home for over a year..

Our home for 18 months!

Looking back on what we had to do, and how we lived aboard at the same time, I must have had the patience of a saint!

painting the decks

Painting the decks – from battle ship grey to cream.

Thank you for looking at my photos, and celebrating our six year anniversary of Fandancer with me!


5 thoughts on “Headscarf, goggles and a scraper…

  1. Putting back a mast while you are living on board is a huge achievement.
    Dry docks like Gosport are also limited with no shower and laundry facilities. We are looking at a boat to buy there. Well done the both of you.


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