Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge


Well, I think I’ve excelled myself tonight.   While I’ve been sitting here this evening watching something not very interesting on TV, I’ve looked through all my iPad photos and found some really oddball photos for  Cee’s Oddball Challenge.

Why not take and look, and see if you agree?


Blue flippers…..

I was a bit late pressing the shutter, but managed to get one blue flipper!

Something else blue – 48 cans of lager from Lidl……

48 cans of beer.  Should last a couple of days.

48 cans of beer. Should last a couple of days.

Now what have we got?   


Red anti-fouling paint for the boat.

I have no idea why I have a photo of a tray of some red anti-fouling paint!

The next photo was taken in Amsterdam, outside on of those shops selling mushroom-leaping aliens…..


What do they sell in this Amsterdam shop?

Amsterdam was full of amazing things to photograph!   Here’s a black and white cow outside a shop….


Cow in Amsterdam

Now, what have we got? Something strange hanging in the trees.  Not Amsterdam this time, but this was taken in Gran Canaria…….


Street sculpture – Gran Canaria

Finally in my Oddball Photos, here’s one I took the other day in Ryde town on the Isle of Wight. I found the strange head outside a ladies’ hairdressers.  I hope none of their customers come out looking like that!


Model head outside hairdressers in Ryde.

Which photo do you think is the most Oddball?

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