Monday windows … Greece.

I always look forward to Monday windows .   Windows are so beautiful, even the broken, rusty ones.   I’ve got a bright and colourful window for you today. Why not take a look?

Monday Window Home

Monday Window

This blue painted window was taken in Greece, on the island of Trikeri.   I think very few people will have heard of this wonderful place.   Not many Greeks even go there!


Painted window in Greece

Trikeri is a very small island in the Gulf of Volos.  It is within easy sailing distance of Skiathos, and close to the large island of Evia – the land mass on the SE of the map.  The Gulf of Volos is a wonderful area of Greece, but does not have mass tourism, despite there being an airport at Volos.   We spent many fabulous weeks sailing around the gulf, exploring the beautiful harbour villages.


Location of Trikeri island

Trikeri is so tiny, there’s no cars there.  Most visitors will come over from the mainland on a tiny ferry, or taxi boat.  There are some holiday homes here, and it is very remote if you want a very quiet place to be!  The small harbour has only two or three small tavernas.   Here’s a photo of the waterfront …..


Beachside houses

You can go for some lovely walks through olive groves.  There is a large monastery st the top of the hill, with just a couple of priests there now.  You can rent a room in the monastery if you feel like a bit of calm and tranquility.   You are welcome to enter the monastery and look at the lovely courtyard gardens.


The monastery at Trikeri

Back by the sea and the taverna, here’s a photo of the octopus drying in the cage, to prevent the cats stealing them!


A cage for drying octopus

I hope you liked my Monday Window from Trikeri Island.

21 thoughts on “Monday windows … Greece.

  1. Beautiful Greece, a photographer’s dream location, an opportunity around every bend…thanks for sharing Georgie, it takes me home each time you post Greece pictures, even though my home is Cyprus, it’s very much the same…

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