Time to move on…..

It’s that time again – time to pack up and move on.  Two weeks today we will be leaving our rented property, never to return. We are going back to our boat in Greece, and our belongings need to go into store. I’ve been getting organised today, and packed my first box!


The big pack up has started!

I’ve sorted things into a rubbish pile, a pile for the charity shop, a pile to go into storage, and things to take back to the boat. This process doesn’t faze me. I’ve calculated that in my life, I’ve moved house 45 times. I’m the queen of packing! I would like to hang on to some belongings, but I can’t. I certainly don’t have any furniture or household effects. I’ve got a few kitchen items and I think the oldest thing in my possession is a camphor wood jewellery box that we owned in Singapore in 1960. I regret not keeping the first bootees that my children wore as babies, and I wish I had kept all the birthday and Mother’s Day cards my children had given me.


Now my children are grown up and I’m a granny four times over, I’m still behaving in a gypsy-like fashion. Although this time, I’m a floating gypsy – my new husband and I bought a yacht in 2010, renovated it, and sailed it to Greece. So far we’ve visited 42 Greek islands. Am I ever going to settle down and live in a country cottage with a log fire and a cat on my lap? Who knows……



5 thoughts on “Time to move on…..

  1. That cottage is so cute and looks absolutely like the perfect little home; I’m sure it’s not easy to say goodbye to it, even for the warm Aegean breezes that await you.


  2. I admire you for your lifestyle. Aside from living in the dorms in college, I only moved from home to my hubby’s home when we got married. I really need to do a lot of downsizing. Things don’t last, but all the memories you make traveling do


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