Writing for magazines and websites.


I’m happy to report that this month I have had more success in my freelance writing career.   I still can’t believe that magazines and websites want to publish things that I have actually written, and pay me for it!    This just goes to show that if I can do it, then you can too.



Sailing Today is a popular UK magazine for the cruising sailor, and feature articles about UK sailing destinations, as well as ones in other parts of the world, such as the Mediterranean and Caribbean.  They are happy to accept submissions from freelance writers and there are various sections of the magazine to which you can contribute.  If you have a story to tell, and can send some high quality photos, they will definitely consider your piece.  The most important thing I can tell you, is to stick to their guidelines!  If they say no more than 1000 words, don’t send a 1300 word article in the hope that they will cut it down for you.  If they request 50 photos, don’t send 250.


My six page article in the latest issue….


I have also written half a dozen fortnightly articles for the German sailing holiday website Zizoo.  As well as booking a fabulous holiday on a yacht, you can read their Zizoo blog page which contains articles about other people’s sailing experiences, sailing destinations, and hints and tips for a brilliant holiday.  One recent article was written by a fellow blogger Windtraveler who lives aboard a yacht in the Caribbean – with three little girls aged three and under.  You will love their blog!

I came across the Zizoo website by accident.  I noticed they chartered yachts in many parts of Greece, but did not have much information on what it is like to sail in Greece.  I contact them, and offered to write an article for them.  They liked it, and published it straight away, with my photos, and  I have since written half a dozen fortnightly articles for their blog page.


I’m now trying to think of other openings where my writing might be accepted.  So if there are any magazine editors out there, please get in touch!

16 thoughts on “Writing for magazines and websites.

  1. Hi Georgie, thanks for visiting my blog and posting a comment.
    Congratulations on the success! I feel you have touched on a topic that I am really keen on at the moment…how do you determine what they pay to have your articles on their sites? And at what point does one get to charge for such opportunities, I am newbie blogger and any feedback would be greatly appreciated 🙂
    Sorry for the long storybook comment 😀

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  2. Hi, nice to meet you! I’m new to this too. The sailing holiday website pay me €50 for every fortnightly post they approve and add to their site, they suggested the fee, as I don’t know much about this sort of thing, it sounded good to me. I’ve also been a guest author on a couple of people’s travel blogs, but of course, I don’t get paid for these, but it’s all good experience, and I guess you can add it to your portfolio of work.

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