Thursday doors again…..

I’ve been really busy this week, as I’m moving out of our rented cottage soon, and there’s so much to do.   I’ve been neglecting my blog, but couldn’t resist showing you a few doors from my recent trip to the Isle of Wight……

The first door is on a brightly coloured ice cream shop, which is probably more interesting than the door, except it has an ornate metal grille covering it.  To prevent thieves stealing the ice cream, I expect!


The photo of next door, below, was taken in Cowes.   The building used to be a bank, there is some opulent stone carving above the door.



Below, is the door to a Georgian town house in the centre of Cowes.  Maybe a distinguished sea Captain once lived here, as Cowes has been the maritime centre of the south coast for hundreds of years.



The next door, below, is the door to an Italian restaurant in Cowes.  I thought it looked very welcoming, with the olive trees either side of the open doorway.



Finally, I found the last door, which is very plain, but I think the most interesting.  I don’t know where it leads to, it was just at the side of a wall, quite near the waterfront on the way to the ferry.  Who knows what secrets lie behind the door?


If you want to see more fabulous doors, or join in and show us your doors, have a look at Norm’s Doors.


14 thoughts on “Thursday doors again…..

  1. My favourite is the imposingly magnificent bank door, the British did that sort of grand statement architecture so well …I would say it’s Victorian… what fun your doors are !

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  2. I LOVE the final door. It is so beautifully worn….it makes me wish I could open it to see what is behind it.would it be a garden hidden back there or just an alley?


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