Greek island memories……

Four years ago we were sailing in the Cyclades, the Greek island group that is known for whitewashed buildings with blue doors.  To read about why Greek houses are painted white, click here to read my post.

This is part of a Sailblog entry I wrote exactly four years ago when we sailed to the island of Paros…….


You know when you go somewhere and you love it and it is absolutely fab and the best place ever, and then you go somewhere else the next day and it is even more lovely and even more fantastic? That’s what happened to us on Sunday when we arrived in Naoussa, just six miles from Paroikia, on the north coast of Paros. We thought we had really fallen on our feet when we found a very safe, sheltered harbour, and paid only five euro for three nights in total, within a minutes walk of all facilities including a laundry, and the most pretty old town with whitewashed Cyclades buildings in narrow streets.

Fandancer moored in harbour, Paroikia Paros

Fandancer moored in harbour, Paroikia Paros

However, we arrived in Naoussa and things were even better. This time we paid no mooring fees, all the water all electricity you could want, for free, an extremely safe harbour, and an even more beautiful old town with the most picturesque Greek harbour I have ever seen. It was like a beautiful dream. Each time we turned a corner there was a more wonderful sight to behold. Whitewashed buildings beautifully decorated, little streets, chairs and tables alongside three sides of harbour filled with colourful fishing boats, an ancient fortress, the list goes on and on. If you were designing scenery for a Greek film and wanted to fill it with as much cute stereotyped Greekness as you could, then Naoussa would be it. Similar buildings and character to Mykonos, but much much nicer. It is regarded as one of the prettiest towns in the Cyclades and it is true.



Luckily the time of year helped – the holiday season is not in full swing in May, and we walked around very easily, but I can imagine it would be thronged with tourists in high season.

The newer part of the harbour, which actually calls itself a marina, has been extended in recent years by the extension of a breakwater, making the harbour safe in all weathers. There are lazy lines from the quay and use of anchors is forbidden. We were moored alongside boats of many nationalities – Canadians, New Zealanders, Germans, Belgians, French and British.

pretty cafe

pretty café

pretty building, Paroikia, Paros

Paroikia, Paros



I hope you enjoyed my memories of the Cyclades!

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