The countdown has begun…. G day minus 10

As it’s G day (for Greece) minus 10, I’ve had to begin the process of packing up our belongings, sorting and getting rid of stuff we can’t keep.   I’ve started at the top of the house, in the lovely attic room where I’ve had my sewing machine.  I’ve managed to fill two bags so far, with sewing essentials, the sewing machine is in its box, and I’ve emptied the drawers where I kept more vital equipment such as scissors, buttons, zips, bits of cardboard to make patchwork templates, and fabric remnants galore.


Packing boxes everywhere!


Under the desk I came across a very special bag of items that I could never throw away.  They contain some old school reports, school photos, workbooks  and drawings done by my children, when they were aged 5 and upwards.   So some of these things are between 25-35 years old!   How can I have children that old, there must be some mistake….


Childhood memories


School mementos



10 thoughts on “The countdown has begun…. G day minus 10

  1. Oh gosh Georgie, it must be so difficult packing up your life each time you leave dry land… being an “accumulator” ( better word than hoarder) I dread to think of the day I have to pack up and move on..all my shells( and starfish, rocks, corals, sea beans & starfish…pheww!!!)

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  2. All the best for your packing and journey. I know a couple who packed up and sailed around the world in a catamaran for a year. She also brought her sewing machine and fabric as she makes quilts. They had a fabulous year full of adventure. She made quite a few quilts, too.

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