Motivational sailing quotes ….

I’m trying to motivate myself to going back to live on the boat.


In precisely 9 days time I’ll be sitting on the plane, heading for Greece, blubbing and wailing and sniffing as I always do.  How can I leave my four precious cherub grandchildren behind?  The thought of it reduces me to tears.Then I get sensible and realise that they are all aged three and under, and won’t remember this time in their lives.   Who can remember what their granny was like, when you were three years old? Not many people, I’m sure.

So I’ve been looking for inspirational quotes and pictures to give me positive thoughts…..

This is how it all started many years ago –

– in a conversation with my soon-to-be-husband ……


Without a thought, I, of course agreed, as I loved him, and I was impulsive and daring……

This is how my husband describes it at the beginning …….


Then I thought – let’s do it!  You only live once!



“It is not that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better.”

(this could have been said by my husband, but in fact it was Sir Francis Drake).




….and I always keep this final saying in mind –

A bad day sailing is 100 times better than a good day at work.      








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