Wordless Wednesday….

Am I not even allowed to say one word? Nothing?  Zero?  Zilch?

Thats very hard for me to do!

Anyway, I hope you like the couple of photos I’ve chosen for you in my silent state….

Go on – click below and take a look  you know you want to!





2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday….

  1. I know, it is very difficult not to write anything. Apart from loving the (autumn?) colours, I’m very fond of reflections and can rarely resist to capture them. Where did you take these photos? (Fortunately you can say everything you want in the comments…)


  2. Thanks for looking and for your kind comments. They were both taken in France, a few years ago, she. We sailed,our boat from UK to Greece via the French canals and waterways. We carried the masts on deck and went from Rouen to Port St Louis. It was Autumn time and the colours were amazing. The bottom one was dawn/very early morning as we left our mooring for the day.


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