Blog ideas for when you have no ideas.

Are you one of those organised bloggers who has a monthly schedule written for upcoming posts?


Or do you ever get that midweek brain mush when you need some extra inspiration?

Everyone knows how easy it is to search the Internet to find ideas for blog posts if you are stuck for inspiration.   I’m always looking at these on Pinterest!  I picked the first 20 from a list of 50, to see if any of them captured my imagination……

  1. Instagram round up
    I don’t really get Instagram. I’ve only got about three photos on Instagram, so that won’t take long…

2.  Current book you’re reading    Not reading anything at present.

3. Pictures from your weekend
Shopping, housework, cooking? Not exciting enough.

4. An hour-by-hour picture post
Are you joking? It would take too long for me to choose some decent clothes, do my hair and make up, and tidy my house.

5. Share a list
Hmmm – shopping list? Stuff I must remember to put in my suitcase?

6. A simple beauty tutorial
Hahahaha! Have a shower, get dried, get dressed, blob of face cream, brush hair, good to go!

7. A weekend DIY project
I don’t do DIY.

8. What’s inspiring you lately?
Hmmmm – I’ll have to get back to you on that one….

9. Recent Pinterest finds
Could be a possibility, I’ll bear it in mind.

10. Your favorite accounts on Instagram
I have no idea how to use Instagram or find accounts.


11. A recipe or meal idea
As I’m moving house next week, I’m currently using up all the stuff in the fridge and cupboards, so meal ideas consist of weird combinations such as tinned carrots, pasta and strawberries….

12. Share a collection
I don’t collect anything, except there’s some old magazines lying around, and some dust.

13. Write a post that’s helpful for someone
That’s a bit vague! Everyone’s needs are different….

14. Share a personal story
Nope. I’m a Scorpio. I am secretive, I don’t give much away….

15. Create a wish list
I wish I could win a million pounds on the lottery. That’s all.

16. Talk about something you’ve learned in the past year
Hmmmm. Can’t think of anything you would be interested in ……

17. Seasonal/holiday inspiration
We’ve had Easter, it’s too painful to think of Christmas.

18. Share a Q&A post
I’ll rack my brains to think of some questions for you.

19. Make a vlog!
Are you having a laugh! See Q4 above.

20. Share info about one of your hobbies
Blogging – read my blog!


16 thoughts on “Blog ideas for when you have no ideas.

  1. Fabulous post Georgie. Has me chuckling.
    I don’t get Instagram either and still don’t see the point of Pinterest for that matter.
    Running out of ideas? I know the feeling. Hence my “occasional” series of Wordless Wednesday and Throwback Thursday postings, which have now become regular features. 😊

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  2. dang it all, I did the same post……oh well, it’s been a draft for two days so I can “comfort” myself by irrational thinking; ie, I wrote it first sort of thing. lol It should comfort you to know, your’s makes sense whereas mine….well it is obviously mine! lol

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  3. Ha, ha! I have a list of blog topics, any day now I will get around to digging it out and reading it. I did something wrong and now I get emails from Pinterest and have now idea of what it is or does.

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  4. Pinterest is great for time wasting, you can find anything, and pin things you like to your own boards. But I have no understanding how Pinterest relates to increasing your blog traffic – I’m sure someone will tell us!


  5. I’m not a daily blogger and only post when there’s something I want to write but if you don’t post often enough people stop reading. This is my dilemma and I’m struggling at the moment because housework and diy are particularly uninspiring! Can’t say any of those suggestions does it for me either and I don’t think I’d read something so forced anyway. You’ve caught my interest writing about writing a blog, though!

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      • not really Georgie, but I am doing an experiment, trying to get 10k followers on twitter with automated approach (mostly) to see if it works or not. So my posts are all related to the results of the experiment, ups and downs, what worked and what failed 🙂 But the same time there is always something to write about, although I am at the very beginning of the journey 🙂


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