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As it’s the last time I’ll be in this house for the Monday Window challenge, I thought I’d share a photo of my own window.  I’ve lived in this rented cottage for almost 8 months, but tomorrow we are moving out and going back to our boat in Greece.

The cottage is located in the lovely Hampshire village of Rowlands Castle, about five miles from the sea, on the south coast.


Not all the windows in the photo are mine, just the one to the right of the porch, and the one above it.  There are just three cottages in a row, ours is in the middle. There is a bench under the window, you can sit there and admire the lovely plants.

You can read more about the village here.





13 thoughts on “Monday window

  1. A charming place, thank you for sharing! I have had to step back from keeping up with my friends and just now am trying to catch up. My Monday Window posts are normally scheduled well in advance as is the case for my next one. I mention this because I will also including my own window.
    From you we will expect to be looking out of port holes at the marvels you will see and experience. All the best for your journeys!

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