Jazz festival in Greece…..

Last night was the last night of the renowned Preveza Jazz Festival a free, three day event. There have been groups from all over Europe, including Paris and Amsterdam, as well as local groups.


I wouldn’t say I was a huge jazz fan, but I appreciate music played by professionals, which these certainly were. We were moored just a short distance away, and were able to see the musicians and singers rehearsing, as well as some of their later performances.

Unfortunately, as this is Greece, things never seem to run to time. The first band was supposed to start their set at 9pm, but arrived at 9.20. The band playing at 10pm this didn’t start until gone 10.30, and so on…..


The girl who was supposed to be on at 11pm had an excellent voice, and I managed to see her rehearsing earlier in the day. She sounded a bit like Amy Winehouse, but not so ‘dark’ or drug infested.


The Swiss guy in the photos was ok, but in my opinion, he loved himself and wasn’t as good as he thought he was. But that’s just my opinion, I am not a professional music critic!


There was a good audience, who obviously appreciated the music.  The town was buzzing last night!

7 thoughts on “Jazz festival in Greece…..

  1. Interesting so I showed Mr. Swiss who is the jazz expert in the family. I am the apprentice and also know quite a lot. He did not recognise the Swiss guy or any of the others and he has quite a profound knowledge. He plays himself drums and only jazz.

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