Paxos – my favourite Greek island.

Finally, after four nights on the town quay, we left Preveza and sailed 30 miles north west to the island of Paxos, which took around 5 hours.


Sailing to Paxos

Well, I use the word ‘sailing’ very loosely, as there was no wind, so we motored all the way. No hauling of sails or pulling of ropes today. And we didn’t need to use the dinghy with the recalcitrant outboard motor, either.

Nothing exciting happened on the voyage. I completed a cryptic crossword, and made a cheese and ham roll for brunch. I read some of my paperback, and then had a doze. Tim did some engine checks, and assembled the new iPad mount by the helm.


Leaving Preveza for Paxos

We moored in the little bay of Mongonissi on the southern tip of Paxos. It was certainly a lot busier than on previous visits. Luckily we arrived just before two flotillas of Sailing Holidays yachts. There must be 20 of them on the quay or at anchor. There’s only one taverna here, plus another smaller beach bar. That’s all. No shops. There’s a lovely sandy beach, and it really is a very picturesque spot. It really feels like you are on holiday.


The beach at Mongonissi, a few steps from the boat



Boats moored at Mongonissi, Fandancer second yacht from top

I love talking to people from the other yachts. A lot of them have never sailed or been on a boat before, so they get help with mooring, using the anchor, putting up the sails, everything they require is catered for, by the flotilla leaders. They often don’t know where they are, or what other harbours they have been to, but they always seem to have lots of fun! But I’m sure I was like that, the first time I went sailing I didn’t have a clue where I was going! Sometimes my mission is to surreptitiously find out where they are going next, so we can avoid a load of flotilla boats tomorrow!


The taverna will be full tonight. There’s a rumour there will be Greek dancing. My husband’s worse nightmare is any arranged entertainment, so he won’t be staying around long this evening! Heaven forbid should they ask people to join in……


9 thoughts on “Paxos – my favourite Greek island.

  1. I suppose being the more experienced sailors it would make sense that you would try to avoid the newbie’s and their adventures. Helping them out is great as long as it doesn’t slow you down much.

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