Lovely Lakka, on Paxos.

The small island of Paxos in the Ionian Sea is one of our favourite places.



We have visited on our yacht many times and never grown tired of how lovely it is. Paxos is a small, almond-shaped island, just over five miles long and two miles wide. There are only three main towns here, the biggest is Gaios on the east coast, with the much smaller village of Loggos to the north of Gaios.


We are currently in the small town of Lakka, which is right on the northern tip of Paxos, it is a ‘dog-leg’ harbour, which makes it safe if the weather is bad. The colour of the sea here is an amazing turquoise blue, the sort of water familiar to those of you who have ever visited the Caribbean. The sea is so clear, you can easily see the bottom in ten or twelve feet of water. Many people like to anchor their boat so they can swim in the beautiful water, but on the last few occasions we have moored on the north quay. The water is fairly shallow here, so not suitable for all yachts, but as we have a shallow draft, it suits us just fine.


View from our mooring


After checking our anchor and mooring ropes, we had a walk around the village, which is very familiar to us. We noticed a few new shops had opened, selling ceramics, home made crafts and posh clothes, that visitors would like to buy, but which would look ridiculous if we had such things on board Fandancer.


Posh shop in Lakka

All the tavernas seemed exactly the same as they always have been, and there appeared to be a few more rooms to rent with some new buildings springing up at the back of the village. The island, like the whole of Greece, does not allow buildings over three storeys, so no high rise blocks here, so retaining the picturesque nature of the place.


Little street in Lakka

After lunch on board (cheese and ham rolls, and a beer), we just chilled out this afternoon. I had a dodgy wifi connection to contend with, but Tim was made of sterner stuff and had a couple of hours hardcore sunbathing on deck. Later, I tried my hand at some sketching, which I love to do, but I’m a bit out of practice. I used a fine ink pen for the first time, and was quite pleased with the result.

This evening, before eating supper onboard (chicken pasta) we had an ouzo in Mandi’s Bar, on the water’s edge. The little bar is owned by an English lady who came to Paxos years ago on holiday, married a Greek, and never went back! A real Shirley Valentine!



Have you ever seen that film? The story of a woman who leaves her husband and goes on holiday to Mykonos, and likes it so much, she stays there.


8 thoughts on “Lovely Lakka, on Paxos.

  1. I saw the film Shirley Valentine some time ago. It’s funny how some english strays settle in strange places and decided to stay. I remember on holiday in Mallorca there was a restaurante run by an english lady serving bacon and eggs for breakfast. There are some english people in our small town, I know nearly all of them, but we have melted into the surroundings. We do not cling to steak and kidney or bacon and eggs. I think we only do it to keep our men happy with something completely different. Love you report on the greek was of life – am I jealoous, well no, not really, perhaps just a little bit, yes I am – have fun.

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