Let’s try some DIY…..

I knew it wouldn’t last.

Our yacht has again been turned into a workshop/DIY store/scrapyard.  Tim has decided he needs to fix the manual bilge pump.   Yes, it is very important this job gets done, but everything that needs doing on a boat creates such great upheaval.


Here I was, imagining I was on holiday on a charter yacht, where if there is a fault, It is repaired for you in the shortest time possible, so you can get on and enjoy your vacation.   But it’s not like that in reality.    Out come all the toolboxes – yes, there are several.   Lockers are emptied, cushions and upholstery disturbed, and for a while, there is nowhere comfortable to sit.


Why don’t I go for a walk, or have a coffee ashore, I hear you ask.    Because I have to be on hand, to pass the correct spanner, hold something, turn something, fetch something.    I am the ship’s mate, and daren’t desert my post.


Meanwhile, I must stay positive and think how lucky I am to be in such a lovely place.  In front of me I can see lots of boats at anchor, bobbing about on the most brilliant turquoise sea.  The sun is shining, there is a light breeze.  This morning I had a lovely walk around Lakka, and took some photos.

image I found a lady who looks after the feral cats here.   They survive on restsursnt scraps, but in the winter all the tavernas and shops are shut, so they could starve.   She collects food for the cats, and as we don’t have Artemis with us on board at the moment (she is on holiday back in the UK, staying with a relative) I am going to donate all our left over cat food to the lady who looks after the cats.


Cat feeding station, Lakka

I’m sure they won’t be as fussy as Artemis.   We must have dozens of varieties of cat food on board – the fussy feline was so picky with her food!   She’s on holiday back in Essex at the moment, we’ll catch up with her in September.


“I don’t like any of this, why can’t I have fresh tuna?”

Today we are leaving Paxos and sailing north to the southern end of Corfu, about a four hour trip.  Check in soon for the next instalment!



9 thoughts on “Let’s try some DIY…..

  1. I knew exactly what you meant about being there to hand over the correct spanner … and I know how to convert many sizes from inch to metric… wonder how many of your other followers know what a spanner is and how annoying bilge pump issues can be! I do NOT miss those issues – my husband literally tore up the galley floor while dealing with a similar problem – try cooking when 98% of the floor is gone. I do, however, miss those views!


  2. Rather you than me. My advantage is not so much with handing over tools, but reaching to the higher places, being 1 m 75 cm, although they say you shrink with age. I leave the technical stuff to Mr. Swiss and I can hang up the curtains on my own, although with age it does not get easier.


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