Sailing to Corfu




A bit later than planned, but finally we are sailing.  This morning we left the beautiful little harbour at Lakka and sailed north to the southern end of Corfu.   The wind was about 10-12 knots, and we had all three sails up.    A good shake-down sail to ensure everything was working properly.   We have now moored in the harbour at Petriti.

We managed to get the last space on the quay, and Tim did a brilliant stern-to moor, despite the crosswind.    I was on the anchor, and we had to abandon the first attempt, as the anchor chain jammed momentarily, meaning not enough chain was let out.   The second attempt was brilliant.

We have been here several times before over the past few years.   It is a lovely little village, completely untouristy, very few English people about.   There is a little sandy beach, and a few tavernas on the beach, with a view back to the yachts.


Limnopoula taverna on the beach

Los of fishing boats leave from here each evening.   It is a working port, and the yachts   more where they can.   There’s no water, unless you want to carry water lots a few hundreds yards to a tap, and no electricity.   No one ever comes and charges you to moor here.


Fandancer is the last yacht on the right

One of the nearby tavernas, Leonidas taverna , is run by Vassiliki, a super-friendly Greek, who will do your laundry for free.   I’m not sure he always warns his wife, he just puts it in their domestic machine!   You can also have a shower here, and the loos are spotless.

Tonight we are going back to the Limnopoula taverna on the beach for some fresh kalamari, mussels and Greek salad.


10 thoughts on “Sailing to Corfu

  1. He does your laundry for free. You should write a tourist guide to the islands of Greece, if you have not yet done so. Helpful tips for distraught housewives when touring the greek islands. It is those things that make it all so something completely different. Have fun, as I am sure you are.

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