Benitses, Corfu

Yesterday we made the very short hop (a couple of hours under motor) from Petriti to Benitses.

While we were in Petriti, a fleet of racing boats arrived, having raced from Corfu yacht club.   The end of the race was just behind where we were moored in the harbour, and it was a brilliant sight to see over thirty yachts with spinnakers flying.  Here are a few photos I took of the racing yachts.


We are slowly working our way up the east coast of Corfu. We have sailed past Kavos, the holiday choice of the young, free and single crowd where you can buy an English breakfast at 6pm for less than 4 euro (that’s the time the tourists get up, after an all-nighter), and two-for-one lagers while wearing an obligatory football shirt. There is a very nice sandy beach at Kavos, and as there are no buildings allowed over three storeys, from the sea it’s not unattractive, but it does have a poor reputation.


Aerial photo of Benitses ‘marina’ which is unmanaged and in disrepair

Benitses, where we are now, once held an even worse reputation – a bit before my time, but in the early 1970s it achieved notoriety by being one of the most hedonistic and controversial holiday spots in the Med, with all-day drinking, sexual promiscuity and drugs galore, or so my husband tells me.     No – he wasn’t there then!   But apparently it was very famous for all these things.

I will do a bit of Internet research to see what I can find out, and tell you later.  In the meanwhile, Benitses is still a popular tourist area today, loads of holiday accommodation and nice beaches, but without the nightlife.  At least I can’t see signs of any, but that’s probably because I go to bed early…..


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