Kalimera – a good day in Greece.

My last few blog posts have been been too much like reading a guide book. This time I’ll just tell you what the day has been like for me.

We were at anchor yesterday in San Stefanos bay, so it was pleasant night just bobbing about gently, as the wind had dropped. When big ferries use the Corfu channel they tend to create a bit of a wash, even though they are so far away, and a couple of times we did feel the boat rolling. I forgot to block up all the places in our cabin where the sunlight gets in, so I was woken up at around 6.30am. I went on deck and read for a bit, watching the sun rise behind the hills, gradually getting warmer. When the sun is fully risen, it’s almost impossible to sit out in direct sunlight as its so powerful, so even though it was only 8am I had to find sunglasses and a hat.


Tim is always slow to get up, due to his old bones, and this morning he had to take a weekly pill, which he says makes him feel worse, which I find a bit confusing. So I left him to slowly become human, and I sat on deck and did some sketching. Trees are so hard to draw, aren’t they? I never know where to start,

At about 1030 we were ready to leave San Stefanos, and make the short trip north to Kassiopi. The anchor came up easily, and we motored away. We passed a huge German cruise ship on its way to Corfu town. There were also lots of little motor boats buzzing about, that tourists hire. The trip to Kassiopi took about an hour, and we easily found a space on the quay. A couple more boats came in after us, so we helped them with their stern lines. A diesel lorry was lurking at the end of the quay so Tim took the opportunity to get them to fill our tank, and buy petrol for the outboard, too. Then we had a walk around the little town to see if anything had changed since our last visit. A few more posh clothes and gift shops, and a couple of new tavernas, but mostly Kassiopi seemed the same.


We bought rolls for lunch, then I had a siesta for an hour or so. A couple of trip boats full of tourists from other parts of Corfu arrived, and disgorged the holidaymakers quite close to where we were moored, which momentarily shattered my dream state, but it wasn’t a problem.

Later in the afternoon we went to the supermarket to stock up on essentials, then rewarded ourselves with an ouzo in the nearest bar, in order to get their wifi. This evening we are going to have a traditional Greek gyros for supper, which we have not yet sampled while we have been in Greece.


Tomorrow we are sailing to Othoni – a new Greek island for us! Off the north west coast of Corfu are the Diapontia Islands, they are not as well known as others in the Ionian. Then when the weather is favourable, we will make the ten hour crossing to the heel of Italy.


5 thoughts on “Kalimera – a good day in Greece.

  1. I love the guidebooks. Makes me so jealous. I also love the everyday things, like what you had for lunch and the descriptions of the shops, tourists, tavernas etc. Would love to swop with you for a few weeks. Keep on with you blogs.

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  2. You are coming up as Anonymous! It’s called that because it took me three major attempts to understand WordPress and start a blog. I find IT stuff v difficult And often feel like throwing everything in the bin. There’s things I want to change on my blog, but I’m not brave enough to alter it!


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