Why am I so gullible?

After a period of recovery at the street cafe due to our marathon hike from the new out of town bus terminus, (see previous post) we decided to visit a little hardware shop in the backstreets of Corfu that we have been to before, that we once came across by accident.

I think we have previously purchased from this tiny emporium, no bigger than an average sitting room – a glass water jug, some small Greek rugs, cushions, plastic water carriers, a tin opener, knives, and various sized drinking glasses. As we needed some more glass tumblers and also a heat-resistant mat for dishes etc, I thought we would probably have some trouble finding it again, as it is a warren of narrow streets and similar looking shops in that area, and I wasn’t all that motivated to spend half my morning looking for exactly the same shop, when others sold similar items, but Tim knew better and would only go to that shop. He convinced me he knew the exact location of the shop, and could navigate his way through the warren of streets with ease. Why am I always so gullible?



An hour later, having navigated every single road in the backstreets, we did not find the shop. But Tim did not apologise or admit defeat.

“Why do you think you couldn’t find the right street, darling husband?” I asked, with tongue in cheek, “….as you are such an expert on Corfu navigation, after all…..” I continued.

“Yes, I know I am, but sometimes they often change the layout of these narrow streets, blocking off alleys and opening new ones”, he answers with deadly seriousness.

Open-mouthed, I then asked him – “Why do you think we couldn’t find the actual shop?”

“Because these Greek businesses often close down and open as something else, or move location every few years….. it wasn’t my fault we couldn’t find the shop…..


Trying to remain calm on the outside, but inside feeling very frustrated after wasting an hour of my life, I suggested we go and have a bite to eat and find a taverna in the old town for lunch.

“Let’s go to that one where we ate last time we were here – the one that had the fabulous fried courgettes and fresh kalamari” Tim said, enthusiastically.

We never found that taverna either……..




5 thoughts on “Why am I so gullible?

  1. I feel your pain. Every step of it. RW is rather like this too. He thinks he knows everything about everything, but in fact he doesn’t, and that sounds like a lot of men, doesn’t it? Grrrrrrrr xx


  2. When we lived in Panama, we learned that if we saw something we liked, we needed to get it right then – not think over night – because the shop or restaurant would probably be out of business in the near future. Worse, whatever they had for sale was constantly changing, so even if the same proprietor was there, what had been a fruit stand might be selling plants or pant the following week.


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