Sunday in Greece – still in Corfu.

Good morning from…..Kassiopi.

Well, here we are again. The weather Gods are against us and we are rethinking our plans.  It’s lovely and sunny but not good for sailors going in our direction.  We’ve been here five nights now, almost as long as some tourists come for their yearly holiday, so I mustn’t grumble. There’s no mooring fees to pay, free water, and free wifi if you walk to the bench outside the cafe.

We are two hours ahead of my friends and relatives in England, im waiting for a decent time to phone my daughter. I’ve left Tim in bed drinking coffee on the boat, it takes him ages to become mobile in the mornings. I have to leap up the minute the daylight wakes me up, and get out in the fresh air. As I walked from the little quay where we are moored, round The corner into the town, the little tourist shops are just opening up, ready for the influx of visitors. Every night they wheel inside their many racks of multi coloured sarongs, flip flops and hats, then wheel them back out in the morning. There’s some quite nice clothes shops here, rather expensive, and I’d like to browse, but I find them so pushy, it puts me off. I don’t want someone following me round, asking me what I want, or what size. I don’t want to buy, I’m just looking!

After I checked my emails on the wifi, I walked up to the bakers shop in the high street. It’s an excellent shop, they sell everything from freshly baked loaves of all description, cakes and pastries, filled rolls for lunch. My favourites are the Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie) and the Bougatsa Greek cream pie – not actual cream, more like custard pie filling, made with filo pastry). I resisted the goodies and bought two huge plain croissants – we’ll have them for lunch filled with cheese and ham.

While I was in the bakers, an English lady who was obviously a newly arrived tourist, asked for directions to the ‘old port’. As it is virtually 150 metres down the road, I asked why she didn’t just walk there. She said she was in a car and the road looked like it was very narrow and pedestrianised and wasn’t sure if you could drive down it.

I explained that this was typically Greek, big flagstones,shared by cars and people, no problem! I’m sat just near the harbour now, I can see two trip boats filling up with passengers, being bussed in from other resorts, ready for their voyage to a beach for a lunch BBQ, or maybe a visit to Corfu town by boat.

Right, I’m off back to Fandancer now, to see if Tim is moveable yet, and find out what our plans are for today. I didn’t get to speak to my daughter, her phone us permanently engaged, she has such a full social life, too busy to speak to her mother….


7 thoughts on “Sunday in Greece – still in Corfu.

  1. While I read your post I can just picture the scenario . I know I said it before but I’ll say it again I love reading about your adventures in Greece 🙂


  2. Another lovely blog George. I must remember the word Spanakopita as I love spinach. Lunch sounds good too. What cheese will you have in your croissant? I hope you are able to move soon, and to be able to speak to your daughter! My daughter has her phone on silent all the time. That’s really useful. Not!

    I wouldn’t have thought that the shop keepers/assistants would have been as pushy there as they sometimes can be in the UK. Same old same old!

    Have a great day!

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