Rain, rain, go away…..

Bad weather has arrived with a vengeance.

I am sitting here under cover (not as a spy, I hasten to add, but in the sheltering situation) on Fandancer, with thunder and lightning rumbling all around. It’s just started to rain. The sky is black and there is a gusting wind. A typical grey and stormy summer’s day in the UK. Oh no, wait a minute, we’re not in the UK, we are in Greece, in the middle of June, and it’s the holiday season!


Rain this morning in Kassiopi

The weather has been so unsettled this year. In previous years in Greece, once May has arrived, the skies are clear, the sun shines continually from dawn to dusk, and the good weather can last until October or longer. One year I arrived in Greece on March 1st, and for the first two weeks it was blistering hot every single day, with relentless sunshine. Not this year though.

I’m now sitting under a full-blown thunderstorm! There are seven or eight boats on the quay here, at Kassiopi, but we are all safe in the harbour. Earlier, a local Greek guy was running up and down telling everyone it was dangerous for boats, we might get blown onto the rocks at the base of the quay, and we should leave and anchor in the bay around the corner. No-one moved. Us sailors are made of stronger stuff. We have checked the weather, and the wind direction means the harbour is safe. Our anchors have got a good grip, and the boats are hardly moving. Out at sea though, it is a different story…


Not a good week for holiday makers…..

One boat has foolishly left. It is a charter yacht, with the crew having hired it for a week’s sailing holiday. So they don’t want to be stuck in one place for the whole week. They’ve got to move on, and see the sights. The lady on the boat told me last night they were hoping to go to Parga, across the water on the mainland. Unfortunately that is the very worst place to go today, as the wind will be on the nose, ie: coming straight at them, making it a very uncomfortable passage with rolling seas. The rain is now completely lashing down, raining cats and dogs, coming down like stair-rods, and whatever other rain-related expressions there are, we are encountering them. What do you say in your country when it rains heavily? As its Greece, the temperature is a pleasant 22 degrees….


I don’t really mind about the weather today, but I’m not on holiday. I can find other things to do. I feel sorry for the poor tourists who have paid good money to come to Greece. Two or three days out of their precious week will have been ruined, trips cancelled, beach equipment discarded. The tavernas will have to take in all their outside chairs and tables, the souvenir shops will have to cover their displays. It just goes to show, that even in Greece you should check the weather forecast. (Oh my Goodness, I’m beginning to sound like my husband). Tim is very pleased that it is heavy rain, as it has been forecast for over a week, and he has been telling everyone who will listen that it would rain heavily today, and it has.

By the way, according to the Oracle that is my husband, the storm will slowly subside by tomorrow, and from Wednesday onwards it will be dry and clear, with temperatures up in the 30s C. I’ll let you know……

6 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away…..

      • Hi Georgie. Today we are catching up with mundane things after a few days in the lakes. Tomorrow we are off to Manchester for Opera North, Ring Cycle : die Valkurie. Saw them do all four parts over previous 4 years. This time they’re doing it all, but we are only going to this one. I must look up weather in your part of Greece! 😊


  1. Here’s hoping Jim’s prediction is right and you are soon enjoying the sunny skies!

    We are feeling quite water-logged on the Canadian prairies,as well.

    The mosquitoes are the only ones happy!


  2. You’ll be leaving there tomorrow or the next day then! πŸ™‚ Must be miserable for the poor people who have paid to be on holiday there. Miserable for the residents too. Hope you have found things to do today George. I’m working. Royal Ascot starts tomorrow!


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