More buses and a phone shop….

Kalimera fellow bloggers…

We are back in Benitses on the yacht. Back in the 1970s den of iniquity to soak up some of that hedonistic lifestyle I told you about in a a previous post…… Only joking! We’re too old for all that…. We are here again as we are retracing our journey south, back to the island of Paxos. There is a good bus service here into Corfu town – (oh no, she’s not going to complain about the Greek busesย again is she?).

Don’t worry, this time I’m going to tell you about visiting a Greek phone shop! To access the Internet over the past few weeks, we have relied on using the wifi from nearby cafes and tavernas. Once we have the code, the next time we want to use their wifi, I go and sit on the pavement outside the cafe to avoid going in and buying another coffee – cunning, hey? But now we have decided that it would be more useful if we could access the Internet at our fingertips, on board, without leaving the comfort of the boat!


For the past few years, we have used a Mifi unit – a small, thick credit card sized portable apparatus in which a data card is inserted, which uses a local phone signal and turns it into a wifi hot spot. Your phone or tablet can then be used in the normal way by logging onto the Mifi unit which appears in your wifi list on your device, and putting in the password.


One advantage is that several devices can access the Mifi unit at once, if they have the password, instead of everyone buying a separate SIM card. As Tim and I each have an iPad, this works really well for us. Tim likes to check the weather all the time, and I need to check Facebook, read emails, have my turn on Scrabble, and write some WordPress blogs…..


So off we go to the ‘Wind’ phone shop in Corfu town. We’ve always been pleased with their service and coverage, and they seem to be cheaper than Vodafone or other providers. The bus journey took about thirty minutes, and according to my husband who has been to the same phone shop by himself before, we should arrive just in time for the evening opening of the shop, which is from 5pm – 8pm (most Greek shops will close in the afternoon and reopen in the evening). We get off the bus and walk to the shop. (We caught a blue bus this time, which stops in the centre of town, not at the very inconvenient out of town shiny new terminus I told you about last time).

On reaching the shop, the metal shutters are down, no lights on inside, what’s going on? I deciphered the Greek sign on the door for opening times. It says the evening opening times are 6 – 9pm! I glare at my husband with daggers in my eyes…… You can guess what he said.


“Last time I came to this very same shop by myself, I swear it opened at 5pm. They must have changed the opening hours. Greeks often do this……it’s not my fault…..” If I’d had a handbag, I would have hit him with it, cartoon style. Now we have an hour to kill, so we go and find a coffee shop…

To be continued……

8 thoughts on “More buses and a phone shop….

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  2. Wind prepaid sim data only, 15 euros for 5 gigabyte of internet etc. we put the sim in an android phone and use the hot spot that is part of the android system. Won’t work with locked phones etc. We use Skype for phoning, acros the world for a few cents a minute. We sailed up toKassiopi yesterday, did you see our red white and blue star design spinnaker flying? Have you looked at If This Then That to automatically shift your blog to facebook, free?

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