Thursday Doors – June 16


Thursday Doors again!   I love Thursdays!   Why not join in and take a look at all the  Thursday Doors we have to show you?

Here’s my door for you ….


I’ve only got one door this week.   A bit of a shortage of Greek doors at the moment, so I managed to find this one from an old album, not in Greece, obviously!  – if you live in the town where it was taken, you will recognise it straight away.

This is a town very famous for its books and bookshops.   When you wander around this lovely town, you will very soon come across a bookshop.   Some specialise in books of a particular type, like this one.   It’s a great title for a shop, don’t you think?  I expect there’s little dark corners inside, lots of spooky shadows, eerie music playing….  Just like the set of a murder mystery film!

Who knows the town where the photo was taken?   I’ll tell you next week!


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