Monday on Paxos – our favourite Greek island


This morning I leapt out of bed (well, it was more of a stagger) and had my cup of tea in the cockpit in the sunshine. I left Tim in bed, to slowly become conscious and mobile, as he seemed worse than usual this morning, and I went off for my morning walk. As I need to find a laundry soon, I remembered that several years ago when we were here, there was a lady called Elpida who took in washing, some distance out of town.


This is one of the distinct disadvantages of boat living – there are people who have full-size washing machines on board, but we are never going to get one on Fandancer – partly because there is absolutely no room to install one, and secondly, I sort of disagree with the idea of having to plug into electricity when you are moored, and also the amount of water they use. I’m also not interested in those small, plastic contraptions that are advertised as washing machines for boats or camping. We are a boat, after all, not a house. So a laundry I must find!

Anyway, I walked some distance up the road and saw no sign of Elpida the Laundress. But obviously I didn’t walk far enough, as when I went back later with my load, after better instructions from the travel office lady, there she was, just a short distance further on from where I had terminated my ambulatory activity earlier. As this is Greece, there are no signs or notices on her gate, or in the village.

She seemed to have expanded her business, and now takes in the laundry from nearby villas and hotels, and she now has built a new extension, to house her range of machines and ironing facilities. Outside, she has about a dozen washing lines full of crisp white sheets blowing in the breeze. We negotiated when I should pick up my laundry, and she refused my washing liquid and fabric conditioner, preferring to use her own.


Earlier, I walked round the harbour on the northern side, up a rough track, above the boats at anchor, past the little stony beaches. At the top of the steep track were some luxury villas with infinity pools, with tremendous views over Lakka. On the way back, I treated myself to an iced coffee at the beach cafe, and later, bought some lovely fresh bread from the village bakery. When I got back to the boat, Tim was now fully conscious and even preparing to do some boat work – he wanted to rub down the wooden swim platform on the stern, and apply new coats of varnish.


Tomorrow I will retrieve my laundry, and maybe go for a swim off the stony beach. I’m not a great lover of stony beaches, my idea of beach heaven would be soft white sand, sunbeds with thick cushions, parasols, soft music playing, and a bar close by, preferably with waiter service. This Greek beach has none of these things, but the sea is lovely and warm, with wonderful clear turquoise blue water.

We had a small lunch today at Mandi’s bar – Mandi is an English lady originally from Croydon, who came on holiday to Greece twenty years ago, and never went back!  She married a Greek fisherman, and opened a little taverna, which is still hoping today.  She has a lovely location at the side of Lakka harbour, and sells simp,e Greek food.  We had gavros, just delivered by fishing boat, lightly fried, with a tomato salad.  It doesn’t get much better than that!


12 thoughts on “Monday on Paxos – our favourite Greek island

  1. Impressed with that word ambulatory. Glad you eventually found the laundry! I like all the photos. Good to hear that the sea is warm. It’s still raining in UK quite a lot. I got wet walking the dog this morning. I did have waterproof hat, showerproof jacket and wellies on though. Shame that Wales lost, but as I’m not a huge football fan (hate it actually) I don’t really care. Have fun with Tim’s relations. Where will you take them sailing while they are on Paxos? Enjoy the rest of the day. I’m making mushroom soup, doing some ironing and watching Royal Ascot. Day 4 or 5. Have done a bit of work on WL mag. Not much to do today re the mag. Proof reading tomorrow. Cheers!


  2. Ah laundry. A boaters quest.
    We actually added some small baffles to our large ice chest and I fill it will water, soap and clothing and let it slosh around while we sail.
    Back on anchor I rinse and hang the clothes on the lifelines. Doesn’t work for towels or sheets but if works for lightweight shorts and tops and swimsuits.
    Who knew when I moved to a boat that I would miss my washer and drier!

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  4. Georgie, I sure agree with your requirements for the perfect beach setting. The soft sand, umbrella and attendant bringing a cold beverage are a prerequisite 😃 Your photography always makes me smile, but the picture from the deck with the cold beer and the lovely background especially caught my eye today.

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